Services and Fees

By Appointment Only

One-Hour Energy Session

Each session begins with a chakra opening and balancing technique. Especially for an initial session, this treatment, followed by energy passes/clearing and grounding may be all that is necessary to place the client in a clearer and more balanced state of being. The presenting complaint is addressed and, generally, the above protocol provides initial relief.

A variety of techniques are available for pain management, specifically dealing with back and neck pain and headaches. The transitional process for periods such as grief, depression, trauma, PTSD or anxiety is eased with energy sessions.

With any session, it is at the client's discretion whether they simply relax into the process or use this time for reflection. This is your hour. For acute or chronic conditions, multiple sessions are helpful. $75 for one-hour session.

Packages are available.
Purchase 5 sessions, the 6th session is free ($375 vs. $450).

For chronic situations where more regular sessions would be helpful, other packages are available. Please ask.

Lymphatic Clearing

The purpose of lymphatic clearing is to flush and clear the lymphatic system. The need for lymphatic clearing is indicated for a variety of symptoms, including generalized soreness, aches, tenderness in groin or under the arms and neck, soreness in the feet, swollen ankles/wrists, chronic illness, toxicity or acute immune disease. This technique requires working on both sides of the body.

The lymphatic drain does not require multiple visits, but is beneficial for any condition every 6 - 12 months - a very thorough cleansing.
$110 for 1.5 hour session.

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