Healing Touch (HT) is one of many energy-based modalities that is increasingly the subject of research. Many science disciplines are turning to the study of subtle energies in their quest to understand the phenomena of energy-based therapies. One can look to new literature within almost every discipline to find the shifting openness to the belief in subtle energies and its impact on our lives. The science of physics and psychoneuroimmunology are publishing increasingly sophisticated theories and research about energy.

Many studies in Healing Touch modalities have been funded by internationally recognized funding bodies such as the National Institute of Health, NASA and special interest groups. Published and unpublished studies and pilot studies have been conducted looking at the impact of HT therapies on many disease conditions and symptoms such as:

Cancer * Heart Disease * Palliative (Hospice) Care * Elder Care * Immunological

Endocrine Conditions (HIV And Diabetes) * Headaches * Postoperative Wounds

Pediatric Conditions * Alcoholism * Premenopausal Syndrome * Dementia

Symptoms explored have included but are not limited to:

Pain   *   Fatigue   *   Depression   *   Anxiety

Agitation   *   Stress   *   Nausea

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