Energize Your Health and Life

Creating Health Simply and Easily
  1. Pay attention to your breathing. Our lungs regenerate our life force through breath. Breath work can be calming or energizing. Choose what fits your need.
  2. Consider your food. The stomach and spleen regenerate your life force through the foods you eat. Well nurtured, organic foods contain high levels of life force. Look beyond the fiber and nutrients toward the life force that you are incorporating into your body.
  3. Use intention regularly. Thoughts have an effect on the mind field which is a key component of our energy field. Fill the mind field with comforting positive thoughts.
  4. Use water as medicine. Water is the substance that best holds intention. Bless it and drink it as an elixir.
  5. Incorporate energy techniques into your routine. A variety of simple techniques in the morning or during the day can help you become aware of your own energy and purposefully encourage its flow through your system throughout the day.
  6. Learn energy. Become attuned to the flow of universal life force from the sky, the earth and the world around us within our own bodies. Use energy daily to help maintain your balance.
  7. Focus on the energy flow in your environment. If necessary, make changes to your environment by incorporating water, mirrors or by reconsidering furniture placement.
  8. Encourage your health care providers to use energy therapies. Request it and share your experiences and expectations.
  9. Monitor your energy level. You can accomplish this by sense of feeling, or perhaps by using a pendulum. If your energy level is low, reinvigorate yourself by using any of the above suggestions and refrain from taking any health risks. Times of lowest energy do the greatest harm.
  10. Be prayerful. Energy and the Creator share many characteristics. Both are everywhere all the time, do not diminish with distance, contain all information and exist as the essence of connection within and between beings.

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