What to Expect During an Energy Session

Receiving energy therapy is a soothing experience. The initial meeting, lasting around one and a half hours, typically begins with a thorough health history, as well as a discussion of the conditions for which you are seeking relief. Margaret will ask you about any previous medical problems in addition to learning about your diet and exercise habits, your home and work life, and your general mental and emotional health. Follow-up sessions will include feedback from findings related to the previous session and your current situation.

Margaret incorporates several methods of energy therapies, finding the right one to balance your energy system as thoroughly as possible at each session. Depending on your ailment, referral to another health practitioner for additional therapy may be suggested.

During the session, the client may feel a warm sensation and sometimes even a tingling or vibration. Most often, a client achieves a deep state of relaxation and sometimes will fall asleep during a session. Deep relaxation helps to balance the nervous system and trigger the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, which help to decrease pain and increase a sense of well-being. Many people who receive an energy session note an immediate decrease in their stress level, which is recognized as a major contributor to wellness.

Generally, the client is able to return to their daily routine feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Follow-up sessions last about an hour. A few sessions may be all that are needed for basic stress reduction, with follow-up sessions scheduled, if and as necessary. For the treatment of chronic diseases, long-term treatments may be required.

As an adjunct treatment, energy sessions can be a very effective and non-invasive approach.

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